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Website Issues

You have a website but when you decide to make some updates you discover that:
  • You don't actually own your website.
  • You can't find the person who built your site and they are the only ones with access to it.
  • You have access but do not have the original files required to modify design issues.
  • What you think will be a simple change turns out to be vastly more complicated and expensive than you could have possibly imagined.
  • You pay to have your site submitted to search engines but receive NO HITS.
  • You pay for a per-click advertising program and receive plenty of chargeable clicks but NO SALES.
  • You find out that your colleagues are spending far less on hosting and domain administration than you are.
  • You've been told that it costs thousands of dollars to create a self-administered site you can update yourself.
  • You find out that many of the slick interactive components you see on other sites are subscription services anyone can offer.
  • The artwork created for your website wasn't done in the proper format to be used for print advertising.

Advertising / Promotion

Too many times we run into business owners who have had to learn through trial and error that not knowing the right questions to ask can cost a lot of money and frustration. We know you understand the importance of 'branding' for your business but don't have a fortune to spend and months to wait. Printing, packaging, ad design, website execution all have technical aspects that need to be considered in the initial conversation about your expectations. You deserve to understand the big picture and get what you think you're paying for - not some version of it.

We are all told repeatedly that it's important to keep marketing, even more so in a bad market but no one has an infinite budget. Innovative marketing plans should include barter, non-traditional venues and an in-depth understanding of how to reach your customer over time; not just a shotgun blast that may or may not produce anything.

The bottom line is that the look and marketing plan you choose for your business is integral to marketing your product or service. It's not a secret that traditional marketing strategies must incorporate the internet element but web design, like graphic design, is not just about pretty pictures - it has to achieve the goal. Our expertise merges cutting edge internet technolgies with results oriented marketing expertise - and you get the pretty picture too!

Simple truths - Simple Solutions

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